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Resume / CV

General skills, work experience, and educational background


Academic results

Ranking by individual's academic results, in comparison to others


General knowledge test

Test measuring cognitive skills enables identifying top potential. Ranking by individual's test score, in comparison to others


Personality / Fit-in

Matching personal preferences to employers work environment

Academic results

Joberfy database of academic results is composed of vast “Transcript of Records” uploads by its users.

Each individual imparts an academic result ranking, based on his / her academic achievements.

Rankings are based on grade point average (GPA) in comparison to all other students:

  • in the same university / college;
  • in the same field of study.

Either you are seeking for employer who will appreciate your efforts in studies. Or maybe you are “hunting” for the best graduates.

Find what you are looking for at

General knowledge test

General knowledge test is dedicated to assesss individual’s essential understanding of environment, computation and text interpretation skills.

Testing sessions are taking place at universities in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda.

Individual’s test results are pro-rated to all test takers and represented as percentage (%) of person’s score compared to all other people who took the test.

Take the challenge and prove you are the best.
As well as discover the top potential.

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Personality / Fit-in

Are you seeking for creative thinking or analytical approach?

Does the work requires focus and structure or building relationship?

Now you can know how individual’s personal preferences matches the ideal personality set for any open position.

Short questionnaire helps to match ideal condidacy with employer’s work environment. Save time and choose right.

Whatever you seek for, check “Fit-in” match and find who suits it most!

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